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Carry Trainer provides real solutions for real problems. It is incumbent upon individuals, businesses, and organizations to protect and defend innocent life.

We provide training for individuals who are looking to make themselves the best that they can be. There is much more to self-defense than obtaining a permit to carry a gun. Training in any martial skill is more than attending a class, it is a lifestyle choice and the decision to exercise the right of arming oneself for the defense of themselves and family should not be taken lightly. Bullets cannot be called back once loosed from the gun. Safety is not an inherent trait; it is learned through proper training and repetition.


  • Awareness
    Keeping yourself safe and out of harm’s way is always the best option.

    Combat mindset
    Are you mentally prepared to use deadly force to protect yourself or the life of another?

    Use of cover and concealment

    Understanding the rapid changing dynamics of self- defense. Making well placed shots while being fired upon is a lot different than making holes in cardboard during a comfortable day at the indoor range.

  • The Right Tools
    Firearm and gear selection.

    Continuing Training and Education
    Continuing training and education. Imagine the most terrifying and stressful experience of your life, double it and now imagine having to perform fine motor skill movements such as drawing, aiming and firing a pistol all the while your heart is pounding in your ears. Does your level of training have you prepared for such a scenario?

    Know Your Rights
    Legal and ethical implications of deadly force.

3 days ago

Carry Trainer

I had no intention of posting and discussing ammo as much as I have lately. Bad ammo stories keep happening around me.
The boom of the reloaded ammo market came in response to the huge ammo shortages that occurred through the middle of the last presidency. Loading ammunition is just like baking a cake. Good ingredients, a good recipe, and attention to detail will produce quality and consistency.
A poorly made cake tastes bad, poorly made ammo can hurt you and others. Gun folks get attached to brands with fierce loyalty, dont get mad at me or tell me how great your reloads are. I shoot reloads too. My own and those from companies who have strict practices, procedures, and quality components. There is a reason many large training companies don't allow reloads in class.
Pitch time. I use @supervel
Why? Well for one, it's not blowing guns up. Two, impeccable quality control. Three, commercial reloading machines; not hobby machines being forced to crank out way more ammo than designed for (yeah this is happening with many of the small reloading outfits.) Four, the company is run by a life long hunter, competition shooter and gun industry expert. I know him personally and he comes from the old school where quality matters. It does to me too.
Use my code, carrytrain2017 for 25% OFF.
Shipping is $4.99, nice!
Another thing. The stuff is accurate.
Dealer inquires are welcome.
Be well and be safe.

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