S12 Premier Training Event

Date: April 18-22, 2019
Location: Nashville, TN
Tuition: $975 Earlybird Registration (Ends November 30th, Normal Price $1,275)

The S12 premier Training Event is three days of in depth training, April 19, 20, 21, Friday to Sunday at a gorgeous sporting retreat near Nashville, Tennessee.

Lodging and meals included – Check-in begins 4pm Thursday at the lodge (Don’t arrive too late). Check-out for the lodge is 10am Monday.

S12 Nashville Instructors include Mickey Schuch, Zee Durham as well as Don Deyo and Joel Gupton of D-Dey Response Group… along with a few surprises. (see Guest Instructor Bio’s below)

*Course Round count: 1,200 pistol rounds and 600 rifle rounds minimum.

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S12 Guest Instructors:

Don Deyo – A 26 year veteran and recently retired Special Forces weapons Sergeant, medic and team leader, Don has also been a firefighter/paramedic for 14 years. As a Rescue Lieutenant for Palm Beach County, he is constantly on the forefront of emergency medicine. His passion for teaching preparedness to others is the backbone of this company.

Zee Durham – Retired Green Beret Master Sergeant who served in the 5th Special Forces Group Airborne. Durham specialized in Direct Action and Hostage Rescue (Crisis Response). He is an Army Combatives Expert with experience as a former MMA Fighter and BJJ athlete and competitor.

Joel Gupton – Special Forces Medical Sergeant with extensive experience creating, designing, and implementing Prolonged Field Care / Austere Medical, Tactical Medical, and Offshore medical training courses for LEO agencies, the military, and adventure clients.

Al Salvitti – Fighting master with forty-three years of martial arts training (heavy Tae Kwon Do influence, boxing, Sayoc Kali). Salvitti worked at Philadelphia’s roughest nightclubs for 15 years during his youth. Now he trains America’s tier one operators in the Army, Navy, Special Forces, SWAT Teams and Air Marshals. Salvitti is also the creator of the Colonel Blades, the best CCW knife on the market.

The s12 lodge

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