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See Clearly | Higher Line Podcast #68

Mickey talks with Outdoor TV Star, adventurer and author Michael Bane. He is best known as the founder and host of Shooting Gallery on cable TV… other programs Bane’s appeared on include The Best Defense, Gun Stories as well as the Down Range Radio Podcast.

From Michael Bane’s official Outdoor TV bio, “Bane was actively involved in the creation of 4 shooting sports and regularly shoots competitively. He is also a big game hunter and a vet bad gunsmith… He is the author of 22 books, 21 non-fictions and one novel. Most recently, he ghostwrote the biography of his longtime friend Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat. Bane’s OVER THE EDGE: A REGULAR GUY’S ODYSSEY IN EXTREME SPORTS is considered a classic in the field and led to the Wall Street Journal commenting, “How did Michael Bane become the George Plimpton from hell?” His WHITE BOY SINGING THE BLUES on the relationship between music and culture has been called, “One of the five best books ever written on rock and roll” and is used extensively in college courses on American popular culture.”‘

You can learn more about Michael Bane at MichaelBane.tv.


Super Dave Harrington | Podcast #31

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