Shame is the Breaker of Dreams | Higher Line Podcast #51

Mickey talks to Strawweight UFC Fighter Jessica Penne, a California native who did a Carry Trainer class a couples years ago in Azusa. She is currently on the mend after a training injury delaying her fight in UFC Phoenix. Penne discusses how she got into kickboxing, competitive fighting, getting her bell rung during a fight and much more.

When Jessica Penne isn’t in the ring you can listen to her co-host the Two Straws Podcast and Angela Hill. Two Straws is a fun, light hearted MMA podcast from the perspective of two talented mixed martial artists.

You can follow Jessica Penne on Twitter or Instagram @JessicaPenne.

Music Attributions:
Intro – “3rd Eye Blimp” by Otis McDonald
Outro – “I Want More” by Silent Partner

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