2018 Tactical Pistol Course

Date: September 22-23, 2018
Location: Hilltop Firearms Training Center, Dover, Tennessee
Tuition: $425 ($50 Range Fee to be paid to Range Owner Jerry day of class)

Special Carry Trainer class again with Instructor Zee Durham – Retired US Special Forces.

Are you mentally prepared to use deadly force to protect yourself or the life of another? Sometimes even when you are aware, trouble comes to you. How do you convert fear to action? This idea is often stated but seldom understood. Your mindset during training and in life is the greatest factor that effects your survival.

Topics covered:

  • Weapon limitations. Learn the shortcomings of a handgun caliber weapon for stopping attackers. How do you overcome this?
  • The Right Grip – The human to weapon interface is paramount to good shooting.
  • Trigger Manipulation – Working for pinpoint accuracy at distance or blazing fast are two different things.
  • The Draw Stroke – We will help you develop a smooth and consistent draw and above all else a safe draw.
  • Reloading Techniques -Just like trigger work there is no single solution for all problems.
  • Shooting multiple targets
  • One-Handed Shooting and why this is important.
  • Cover versus concealment? Should you shoot and move or take the shot?
  • Considerations for carry weapons, ammunition and gear.

We stress to train with and in what you live in. Don’t show up dressed like a super soldier if you live in jeans and a T- shirt. Bring the gun you carry and lets get to work.

*Course Round count: 750

See last year’s class:

  • Price: $425.00
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