The Unit Doesn’t Make the Man. The Man Makes the Unit. | Higher Line Podcast #55

Mickey talks to Retired Special Forces Army Veteran Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical. He ended his 21 year military career as NCO in charge at Range 37 in Fort Bragg. He is a world class CQB instructor now training America’s finest LEO and military servicemen.

What does “Turn on the Lead Faucet” mean? You’ll learn that and more as Brokos covers his background and how he’s sharing and giving back today running Lead Faucet Tactical training and tailored made gear for those getting it done.

You can learn more about Dan Brokos at for follow him on instagram @LeadFaucetTactical.


Winning an Armed Encounter with Jared Reston | Edited CCW Version

Music Attributions:
Intro – “3rd Eye Blimp” by Otis McDonald
Outro – “I Want More” by Silent Partner

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