Train to Live. What happens after the fight? | Higher Line Podcast #35

Mickey and former Federal Air Marshall Jim Dexter, now serving as a Chicagoland police officer, talk about the recent terrible police shooting at Manny’s Blue Room Lounge in Robbins, Illinois. Around 4 AM bar security guard Jemel Roberson was trying to subdue a suspect in a bar shooting. Police arrived on scene, saw Roberson with a gun and opened fire, taking his life. One killed and four wounded in the exchange of gun fire.

We don’t know all the details of this incident, but there are some valuable conceal carry lessons here we should all ponder. Experienced cop Jim Dexter talks about what police are thinking about as they enter a crime scene… And more specifically what a lawful conceal carry citizen should and shouldn’t do.

You can follow Jim Dexter on instagram at @TacticallySound or check out his website and training at


Concealed Carry Traffic Stops

Music Attributions:
Intro – “3rd Eye Blimp” by Otis McDonald
Outro – “I Want More” by Silent Partner

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