While there are numerous insurance offerings for the armed citizen, CCW Safe fits the bills for me. No out of pocket and no hidden fees. Upfront and honest. My way of doing business.Mickey Schuch, Carry Trainer
CCW Safe

About CCW Safe:
CCW Safe was founded in 2011 by retired police officers because there was a void left in the very young industry of self-defense coverage. Their staff has over 75 years of law enforcement and crime scene investigation experience collectively.

CCW Safe treats members like victims of a violent encounter instead of a suspect. It’s designed to provide similar response, resources and support for citizens following a self-defense shooting, that is given to police officers when they are involved in on-duty shootings.

CCW Safe covers the True Cost of a Trial:
It’s are not a reimbursement product and even in the event a case does not have a positive outcome, you will not receive a bill by CCW Safe or anyone that is hired to work the case on your behalf.

Independence is CCW Safe’s Strength:
Competitors are at the mercy of large insurance companies, both in pricing and in extent of coverage. In times of political turmoil, like now, the large insurance companies are fleeing this industry and abandoning their commitments to back companies with insurance. Not at CCW Safe.

By creating 2A Insurance and backing all memberships with a Captive Carrier they own, CCW Safe made an investment in independence from the turmoil of the commercial insurance markets that are ultimately controlled by insurance syndicates in London and influenced by threats of boycotts or bad publicity. No political crisis, boycott or tragic event will prevent CCW Safe from protecting our members when they need us most.