Couples Class Retreat

Date: July 10-12, 2020
Location: 21C Modern Art Hotel, Cincinnati, Ohio
Tuition: $1,995 with lodging or $1,795

Couples Class includes:

  • Three full days of training
  • Optional lodging at the Cincinnati 21C Modern Art Hotel Friday and Saturday night
  • Reds game Friday Night
  • Light breakfast items and Lunch each day
  • Fine dining Saturday night!
  • Light dinner Sunday evening during class debrief

This weekend will provide safe and warm environment for couples to learn life saving skills to protect themselves and their family. This is a perfect event for those who want to gain knowledge in an inviting manner.

Optional lodging is avaliable at the luxurious 21C Art Hotel where we will also be enjoying some delicious dinners.

The live fire training will be hosted at Impact Shooting Center‘s private outdoor range. The members-only facility is in the rolling Ohio hills. It is designed for the shooter and avid student of self protection. There are plenty of amenities on site to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all.

This event is designed for couples who are interested in learning together, while strengthening their bonds.

Training Topics Covered

  • Pistols for Personal Protection
  • Keeping Your Family Safe
  • Defending the castle
  • Awareness
  • Teaching Your Kids
  • Emergency life saving medical training

Items to bring:

  • 800 rounds of ammunition
  • Bring carry guns and home protection gun – this may be a shotgun or carbine. If your home protection gun is different than your carry gun, bring 250 rounds of ammunition.
  • Every day carry items: knife, flashlights, pepper spray, medical kits, etc. These items will discussed.

Please note, discounted rooms are available if you would like to stay an extra day at the 21C Hotel before or after the event. They are $179 plus fees and tax, contingent on availability. Please email us for details at

The 21C Hotel


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Basic Requirements for students?

Practitioners should be capable and confident in the safe handling of firearms. This encompasses:

  • Minding the Muzzle Direction at All Times - If you can’t control where you are pointing a weapon, should you be training with it?
  • Keeping ones finger off the trigger at any time the muzzle is not pointed at something that could be or should be shot! Fingers don’t belong on triggers unless you are in the act of shooting.
  • A basic understanding of how to safely draw a pistol from a holster and also re holster said pistol.

Beyond that, a good pistol training reference is our video “How to Shoot a Pistol” on the Carry Trainer YouTube Channel (see below).

Is this class full?

When a class reaches full student capacity it will become SOLD OUT and the sign-up form will disappear.

I enrolled in a class, but can't attend now. Can I get a refund?

All sales are final. Please don't sign-up if you feel you may need to cancel. Some one else will take the spot.
  • We will contact you via email with an opportunity to order discounted Super Vel Ammunition and have it brought straight to your class.
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