Mindset in Action – Higher Line Episode #4

Joseph Sinagoga

In Episode 4 of the Higher Line Podcast Mickey interviews Joseph Sinagoga, a very unique body builder. Joe does daily workouts outdoors at the local public park… John Jay Park in New York, New York. He’s become a fixture in the community and inspired many to join him in bettering themselves through fitness and transformation.

When you see his infectious smile you’ll understand why. A video version of this podcast is available on the Carry Trainer YouTube Channel.

You can follow Joe on Instagram at: @JosephSinagoga
Or Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010174999393

If you enjoyed this podcast, make sure you check out our Rogue American Video: https://youtu.be/ROK9QB-frq4

Music Attributions:
Intro – “3rd Eye Blimp” by Otis McDonald
Outro – “I Want More” by Silent Partner

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