What Do You Want? | Higher Line Podcast #70

Mickey talks with high performance expert Brian MacKenzie, founder of Power Speed Endurance. He’s a hardcore runner best known for The Art of Breath course.

Mackenzie’s completed the Ironman as well as both The Wester States 100 mile and The Angeles Crest 100 mile runs “using adapted training protocols he developed to improve performance.” He is a best selling author with several books and his work has been featured in popular magazines like Men’s Health and Runners World.

Citing his official biography, “clients have included: Ari Emanuel, Kelly Starrett, Tim Ferriss, U.S. Military (Navy, Army, Marines), Canadian Military (CANSOF), Jon “Bones” Jones, Laird Hamilton, Tia Clair Toomey (2X CrossFit Games Champion), Rich Froning Jr. (4X CrossFit Games Champion) and many others.”

To learn more about Brian Mackenzie check out BrianMackenzie.com or follow him on instagram @_BrianMackenzie.


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Music Attributions:
Intro – “3rd Eye Blimp” by Otis McDonald
Outro – “I Want More” by Silent Partner

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